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tv   News  RT  December 23, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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i. i. israel's prime minister orders the country's withdrawal from. having several recognized world heritage sites in the country. also this hour a u.s. olympic gold medalist reveals years long abuse. also accusing high ranking sports officials of silence we speak another form of it was the first to publicly come forward. i wish i could say that i was surprised but the reality. is they have a decades long policy of covering up sexual abuse. facebook admits that it's fake news a red flag system is having the opposite effect by attracting even more views to suspicious articles.
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here in the russian capital you're watching international live with me. thanks for joining us this hour. the israeli prime minister has ordered the country to withdraw from unesco the un's culture and heritage organization it follows a similar move announced by the united states back in october over a perceived us against israel here's how that country's envoy to the agency explained the decision. has broken records of people crissy incitement and lies against israel and the jewish people while polluting its noble core principles with politicisation and diplomatic terrorism that sometimes bordered on semitism and with more on israel's move here's artie's. comes on the heels of quite a bit of criticism from the united states and israel of you know asco his activities now you know asco is the un's cultural agency now the israeli foreign
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ministry spokesperson specifically cited what he called the attempts to disconnect the history of jewish history from the land of israel now unesco has angered israel over the past year they passed resolutions in which they said that israel has no right to jerusalem they said that the temple mount and the old city are both muslim the holy sites now as far back as twenty eleven go actually granted palestine full membership in its organization now this is danny the israeli ambassador to the united nations this is him touching on the recent decision no unit limitation no empty speech you know didn't want to be revolution we divide about him recently we saw that the usa had withdrawn from the nasco that happened in october and when the united states pulled out of the nasco they specifically cited what they called an anti israel bias now when
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that happened israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it a courageous and moral decision and praised the united states for doing that it stands for the united nations educational scientific and cultural organization it has a number of tasks it fights violent extremism around the world it promotes female education it promotes media freedom it also protects certain cultural sites around the world now what is in question at the moment is what will happen to certain cultural sites now that both the united states and israel are no longer participants in this very important international body. you know asco lists a dozen world heritage sites across israel presenting three thousand years of history israeli newspaper columnist i mean all and believes the organization is also a platform for diplomatic action and that israel may eventually reverse its decision every un agency. a battlefield in the foreign
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policy and diplomacy arena and unesco is no different than the human rights council and others but whether or not israel issued with grow from it is another matter altogether because just we drawing just leaving the field to others is not acceptable to many israelis we have been through such cycles of un bashing. eventually israel and presumably the united states too would come back having symbolized. dead displeasure. is just a gesture one shouldn't read too much into it. meanwhile both gaza and the west bank have seen more clashes in the third straight week of unrest in the region demonstrations on friday left two palestinians dead and more than six the injured.
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the palestinian party has called for christmas celebrations to be canceled they vowed more days of rage instead the ongoing unrest in the region comes in the wake of u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel in the palestinian administered city of ramallah israeli soldiers were filmed pushing back paramedics who were trying to reach the injured troops used weapons and other forceful measures preventing emergency crews from reaching the moon. and this follows of course first day's events the united nations general assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn donald trump's unilateral decision concerned that the dispute over the city status should only be resolved by talks only nine member states including the u.s. voted against the resolution even so the country's u.n.
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ambassador remained under turd putting the focus on the few friends backing the jerusalem decision. this will make a difference on how americans look at the un and on how we look at countries who disrespect that in the us and this will be remembered.
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when meanwhile in germany jewish communities in the country say they're facing a growing id semitism many say they've been the targets of discrimination all harassment on a daily basis they believe the problem has been made worse by the u.s. president's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital is our europe correspondent for all of it with more. yeah. israeli flags burning in the center of. the aftermath of the u.s. decision on jerusalem but apart from protests it's feared the backlash would
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overstep the line into attacks against jewish people a police investigation is underway here in berlin following a shocking display of anti semitism outside of a jewish restaurant plus what you know from your i six me you wouldn't mention the popcorn for much needed much. because. the owner of the restaurant says he expects these type of attacks considering the current climate it was a typical latest incident thing against jews the typical. israelis bed story is a bit and go to the gas chamber in five years. we have unfortunately a lot of cases different in this similar to do mostly it's an anemic we get a lot of phone calls with. in fact
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leaders in the jewish community say that these type of incidents a far more common than we may think think it's a horrible incident but i think it's something what happens sometimes on a daily basis here in germany i wouldn't say that it's that it's a bad feeling as a jew living in germany but on the other side there are things happening and if you're a member of a community or an institution you get confronted with those kinds of incidents. like really have to take the us position on jerusalem has certainly added fuel to a backlash against israel if you look at a study that was carried out just this year over sixty percent of the youths who were surveyed were from a jewish background said that they based on things semitism. on a daily basis with almost thirty percent saying that they've been targeted or harassed in the last year just this last month in the venting district of berlin a schoolboy was attacked by
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a group of classmates who told him that hitler was good because he killed the jews from the government side we've heard a strong response from the german justice minister us any kind of anti semitism is an attack on everyone and sivits is a must never be allowed to have a place in society again but looking at an optic attacks in germany targeting jews may seem easier said than done peter all over. the u.s. olympic committee and the country's gymnastics governing body of being accused of helping cover up years of sex abuse and child one a station in a lawsuit filed by a championship last mckayla maroney she alleges to have been abused by u.s. team doctor for years and then paid to keep silent she also accuses other sports institutions of preventing us from publicly coming forward more details from some miracle. mckayla maroney america's a limp big darling one of the world's most famous gymnast's u.s.
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household name and victim of childhood sex abuse that apparently took place over years and when she wanted to speak out both usa gymnastics plus the u.s. olympic committee made her keep quiet rhody claims she was paid hush money and is now suing them for silencing her she hired a lawyer and asked for a settlement conference or mediation to get justice to what she didn't ask for was a draconian confidentiality agreement that prevented her from telling even her brother and sister about this and then i think even worse it said that you can't ever say anything bad about us if your masters ever for your whole life she's come forward with a horrific story of abuse by team u.s.a.'s former doctor larry nasser it started when i was thirteen years old and it didn't end until i left the sport it seemed when ever and wherever this man could find a chance i was treated this charismatic my leg happened when i was fifteen years
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old i had flown all day and night with the team to get to tokyo he'd given me a sleeping pill for the flight and the next thing i know i was alone with him in his hotel room getting treatment i thought i was going to die that night but one would naturally have expected the usa gymnastics to support its crown jewel but the organization claims that she herself chose to settle this all quietly into in sixty mchale his attorney at the time gloria allred approached us a gymnastics requesting that the organization participate in a confidential mediation the process culminated in a system into agreements that included a mutual non-disclosure cools and a mutual disparagement moronis case is just the start over one hundred and fifty women have now accused the same doctor of sexual abuse i don't want to be in a courtroom telling about how a man you know pandered to me. front of my mother when i was eleven the fact that he just thinks oh i flew to guilty and now you guys can start healing is ridiculous
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to me i don't think. i don't think he truly understands how many people are hurting and how bad people are hurting over this now dr nasser admits to exploiting his position to abuse his patients and he was recently convicted and sentenced to sixty years in jail but his victims believe justice has still not been served and it's not just nassar who they insist must be punished but the sports officials who failed to protect child athletes lympics are something that brings people hope and joy sure from the outside looking in it's an amazing story i did it i got there but not without a price we discussed moronis claims with former gymnasts right children hall and she was the first to publicly accused former u.s. team doctor larry nazzaro of sexual assault she says she's not surprised about the claims of a big cover up. you know i wish i could say that i was surprised but the reality with usa gymnastics is they have a decades long policy of covering up sexual abuse and of and of silencing victims
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some of the most prominent coaches in usa gee who have trained olympians those those coaches have been found guilty of sexual abuse too and again like like their member coaches they were allowed to continue preying on little girls and even their elite athletes for decades and usa jews response to that was to defend in under a testimony to defend their policy saying they wanted to avoid a witch hunt so when you have an organization that has a decades long policy of supporting sexual predators a decades long policy of silencing victims by literally shoving reports in a file cabinet and then they can defend their actions by saying they want to avoid a witch hunt it shouldn't come as any surprise to us that they're treating their elite athletes the same way they're treating the youngest gymnast in their member gyms. well you know mckayla said that she had signed her agreement in two thousand and sixteen but just a few months ago in august the o.c. register which is a local california newspaper did publish that they had been able to confirm that
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another case had been settled in twenty fifteen with another victim of larry nasser in the lead gymnast so yes i think it's i think it's likely that there are others that have been silenced. i think there needs to be an investigation into whether the legal activities occurred there are very legitimate questions about whether or not this nondisclosure agreement was even legal under california law because it did involve felony sex offense crimes and i think there needs to be a complete board change from the top down because these board members have have made it very clear that the safety of little children is not their priority that they see nothing wrong with how they have handled not just the larry nassar situation but with how they've handled sexual predators in the organization for decades but when you have an organization like u.s.c.g. that is in charge of our libyans that is in charge of the entire sport from the top down and they can't handle something like sexual abuse against little children yes i think it is time for the u.s.o.c. to look at simply removing their authority to run our gymnastics program in the
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united states because they have proven that they care about something more than the safety of their athletes and that's inexcusable. and. on that scandal now in other news there are red faces at facebook which admit that it's fake news floundering explain why exactly after this short break to international.
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global warming incinerating planet earth is causing it. but the corporations feel like you know what that might cost us a penny at the end of the year so we do have donek adjustment to our algorithm will take out the city and alaska that would flag to take action appropriate first survival of the species and we're going to instead rely on our balance sheet and our algorithm like i'm going to g.p.s. monitor in your car that's pointing over a cliff i don't care if the cliff is there or my algorithm says it's not there so i keep driving i do a film with always going to go right over the cliff because that's what the data tells like. international now facebook's fines against fake news has resulted in a boomerang effect the site's been trying to red flag was a goals that allegedly contained false information it seems though food and fruit
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tastes the sweetest explains. facebook sees itself on the frontlines of the fight against fake news there's a huge amount of misinformation out there on the internet it's a problem we've been working hard on it for this book and we're committed to fighting it after all people want to see accurate information and so did we. that battle heated up in december two thousand and sixteen when facebook teamed up with fact checkers to flag stories it determined to contain so-called disputed content but when you're on the social media titans forced to admit not only is the method ineffective it may actually inspire the opposite of the desired reaction economic research on correcting misinformation has shown that putting a strong image like a red flag next to an article may actually entrenched deeply held beliefs the opposite of fact to what we intended apparently a fake news label actually makes people more interested for example facebook red flag this story by the new port buzz which claimed hundreds of thousands of irish people were brought to the us as slaves but the little red sign didn't stop its
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spread on the contrary traffic skyrocketed but facebook isn't daunted by the discovery that flagging stories has backfired coming up with a new plan to provide alternative articles on long side possibly false stories to give people more context but the question remains are those alternative stories definitely relevant and balanced and who's actually making that call the choice of the articles the choice of the outlets is going to reflect human bias he would bias is inevitable whenever human beings are involved there's always going to be a social political cultural and so on bias and the selection of those related articles is going to reflect that facebook obviously has an agenda the people who work at facebook have individual agendas and biases they might not even be aware of their own biases i was facebook and others struggle to contend with fabricated news stories circulating on their websites the u.s. ambassador to the netherlands isn't exactly helping masses he describes his very
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own remarks as fake news. you mentioned in debate. that there are no go zones in the netherlands. we would call it fake because i never said. yes there. goes the other one's. nose knows no goes. out if you have a problem with your second language ok. fake news obviously i didn't call that big news i didn't use the word no no. i think that has to do with. said these words in the beginning from his stance as an politician and when he was the second time he was already elected
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as ambassador as an investor and just sense the words he's words that's kind of weird of course i don't think there will be any problems i think he will be sitting just like all the other. people on the sea. u.s. intelligence chiefs are urging congress to reauthorize the national security agency's far reaching spy program which expires at the end of the year they say that if lawmakers do not renew it the country's security would be undermined if congress fails to reauthorize they so authority the intelligence community will lose valuable foreign intelligence information and the resulting intelligence gaps will make it easier for terrorists weapons proliferated malicious cyber actors and other foreign adverse reste to plan attacks against our citizens and allies without detection. internet spying program was established in two thousand and eight it permits intelligence organizations to collect data from foreign targets it also
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allows for the interception of americans communications in certain cases as well critics and social activists say they fear the renewal will actually lead to increased levels of surveillance the proposed bill is not a reform measure on the contrary it would expand surveillance grants the government more authority and other provisions of pfizer and could be read to codify current unlawful surveillance practices we spoke to attorney michael flanagan he outlined his concerns about the program. under the law they are allowed to listen for just a few seconds i mean it's regulated down to two an actual time limit i don't know exactly what it is but it's really a tiny amount of time that they're allowed to listen but they get to keep read dialing the same the same frequency you know keep listening for a few seconds and turn it off and start again to turn off the start again and we have more than a little bit of evidence that that has happened in an effort to listen in and other calls and when they're actually trying to listen to the american and so you have
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a ridiculous subterfuge gone through some some some crazy crazy handstands that have gone through simply to have intelligence agencies of the united states spying on citizens of the united states which is absolute there's no one in congress who would approve such a thing but this law allows them as you correctly observed a backdoor way to be able to do that. how would you feel if you looked up into the night sky and saw something like this this sinister looking shape was spotted above in the us on friday it freaked out quite a few people police received lots of phone calls people suspecting it of being anything from a u.f.o. even to a missile attack this relation though was far more simple down to earth it was actually the final launch of the year from space x. that's the a private contractor that gets satellites into orbit and also occasionally supplies the international space station mystery it seems finally solved.
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a crime and body guards are getting a boost in their hand to hand combat skills from a top mixed martial arts fighter at some level of has been training agents from the federal protective service their primary aim is to god the highest ranking officials in russia including the president himself. i know that's been a dream of mine since i was a kid to visit it and of course i never in general to be invited to train our special forces so i was very excited and joined every second of this more trained professionals so we're always enjoyed a lot more when i get to coach people to understand what fighting is. the main thing in the fighting is not just the skill skill can be learned it's the
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heart and this guys are ready to give their life for their country so they would make great fighters no doubt in my mind. homer vs the interviews and. this is this is the former. i don't know where i'm over your sure home how does the who play out all this there are very different businesses. staying with us here on all teams about hawkins you can get more off stories on our website and of course on all social media as well so you just have a half an hour for more news from around the world. russian athletes taking daughter joan showing olympics remains controversial what awaits the olympians in south korea and more importantly what awaits them after
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they get spoken. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. your out caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each fret . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one different person to speak to now because there are no other takers. blame that
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mainstream media has met its maker. with lawmakers manufactured consent to step into public wealth. when the running closest to protect themselves. when the primary go around lifts only the one percent told. us to ignore middle of the room signals. dilute the real news for the world. her. lips
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live. feel platt three hundred kilometers from new orleans far away from tourists jazz and muddy ground the small town is the gateway to state prisons in a city of seven thousand seven hundred arrests in two years a very large number of federal authorities investigate through this man on the john came back. some. close up but. you know again. i'll come go pay it back by now. he's looking for witnesses. he was born here everyone knows him
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a. former soldier decries betrayed arrests in a city where no one talks without him would be lost talking to residents would be impossible especially with a camera gone in the woods called the woods this is where most of they hang out they're not out right now but this made on deceived this is where they all be hanging out. to see the error. they won't bother you the most the target african-american. i put them to their own heart and not. only the same but as log out of jail man ya know that's why i got to know. no one told the people there really is a fake us man good. and john. many overlaying silence to the
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fear of reprisals. if they don't talk. they disapprove. which would just arrest them from not been in their resume. my fault they charge with all kind of charge and. they don't want to do it no communication you know is always aggressive never deal never told they didn't put in a big deal he said you know old besame try to search you go you mills and you know this spillover very well they won't have bill money that's what the money as it is about this is about bill that's what they wanted bill money did at that moment they don't give a damn if you did the chores are not going to lock you up and it's you below it if you can beat it it could be getting could this. is a good line of. two and a half years. not a good car wouldn't. let them through two thousand and and fourteen.

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